Bahamut fish , fast token logo

Bahamut fish , fast token logo

Fastex Exchange now supports deposits and withdrawals of Native Fasttoken (on Bahamut) in addition to ERC20 FTN.

Crypto Jun 30, 2023

Users can now choose their preferred deposit and withdrawal networks for interacting with FTN on Fastex Exchange.

Native Fasttoken is already available on Coinstore exchange and will soon be accessible on all other exchanges where it is listed.

FastExchange screenshot

Fasttoken, being the native coin of Bahamut, will now serve as the driving force behind all network and cross-chain operations, as well as enable block reward mechanisms. With improved transaction speeds after the migration, users can expect an enhanced experience.

This integration complements the FTN bridge, allowing users to effortlessly access native FTN on Bahamut. By utilizing this streamlined process, users can enjoy reduced fees and expanded possibilities when sending or receiving FTN.

FastToken logo


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