Cryptanil pricing types

Cryptanil pricing overview - detailed explanation.

Cryptanil Jun 30, 2023

Cryptanil is a cutting-edge crypto payment gateway that facilitates seamless transactions between businesses and customers. With its secure and efficient platform, Cryptanil enables businesses to accept various cryptocurrencies as payment, providing flexibility and accessibility to customers worldwide. Experience hassle-free and instant crypto transactions with Cryptanil's user-friendly interface and robust security features.

Cryptanil offers four different pricing tiers based on turnover.
1. The first tier allows for a completely free turnover of up to $500.
2. For turnovers ranging from $500 to $5,000, there is a fee of 0.75%.
3. For turnovers between $5,000 and $500,000, the fee is reduced to 0.6%.
4. For turnovers exceeding $500,000, a custom pricing plan can be arranged to suit the specific needs of the business.

All tiers of Cryptanil share common features, including:

  • No setup fee: Users can start using Cryptanil without any upfront costs.
  • Full API usage: The platform provides complete access to its API, allowing seamless integration into existing systems and applications.
  • Reduced fraud risk with no chargebacks: Cryptanil implements measures to minimize fraud risks, providing businesses with added security and protection against chargebacks.
  • Real-time global payments: Transactions through Cryptanil are processed in real-time, ensuring fast and efficient payment processing across the globe.


Pro plan gives extra feauters to businesses. USDT conversion and priority support.

Cryptanil PRO users have the exclusive benefit of instantly converting their incoming transactions to USDT (Tether). This feature allows for seamless and immediate conversion, providing users with increased flexibility and the ability to take advantage of stablecoin functionality within the Cryptanil ecosystem. Simplify your transactions and optimize your cryptocurrency management with Cryptanil PRO.

USDT (Tether): Stability in the Cryptocurrency Market
USDT (Tether): Stablecoin mirroring USD, widely used for trading on major platforms, accepting crypto payments, maintaining stability in crypto.

As part of the Cryptanil PRO package, users enjoy priority support. This includes direct access to their dedicated sales managers via Telegram and a dedicated phone number, available 24/7. This personalized support ensures that Cryptanil PRO users receive prompt assistance and can address any inquiries or concerns they may have at any time. Experience the convenience and responsiveness of our dedicated support for Cryptanil PRO users.


Advanced plan adds FIAT withdrawal feauture.

With the Advanced plan of Cryptanil, users gain access to an additional feature: FIAT withdrawal. This feature enables users to withdraw funds from their cryptocurrency holdings in the form of traditional fiat currencies, such as USD or EUR. It offers greater flexibility and convenience for users who need to convert their crypto assets into fiat for various purposes. Simplify your financial transactions with the Advanced plan of Cryptanil and enjoy the added benefit of FIAT withdrawal.


Enterprise plan adds white labeling functionality.

For enterprise users, Cryptanil offers the option to integrate a white-label solution. With white-label integration, there will be no visible Cryptanil logo or links within the payment system. Instead, it will be fully customized to match the enterprise's branding, providing a seamless and cohesive payment experience for its customers. Enjoy the benefits of a personalized payment system that aligns with your brand identity through Cryptanil's white-label integration for enterprise users.


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